Due to the COVID-19 outbreak,

we are temporarily closed

Our planned date  to re-open  is 20/07/20

Along with most childcare settings we have been forced to close following guidance from the Scottish Government.

During these very testing times, please remember we are here to offer advice, guidance and ideas on how to keep your child entertained while staying safe at home. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page which will be updated regularly with interesting ideas to keep you all busy. 

You can still contact us either via Facebook, filling in our contact form or email us at info@earlystepsnursery.co.uk and we will get back to you.

We would also like to offer comfort to all of our parents that we have taken action to make sure ALL of our staff are still fully employed on full salary throughout  this crisis. This allows us to reduce their stress at a very testing time. It also means that our fantastic team will be here ready and waiting when you all return back to Early Steps.

Take care of each other, and please do not hesitate to get in contact if we can help in any way or even if you just need a chat. 

Love from every member of the Early Steps Family