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Increase in Fees - 1st September 2022

We are accutely aware of the challenges faced by all of our families with continually rising costs which is why we have refained from raising our fees since April 2020.

Unfortunately with rising overheads for staffing and 200% increase in utilities, we have now been forced to review our fees. We have kept the increase to a minimum but at a level where we can still offer the highest level of care at a competitive price.

Our new fees will take effect from 1st September '22, we will be writing to you individually to advise of your new fees and statements of all accounts will follow after.

New Daily Rates are;

Under 2's £51.00 Full day £30.50 1/2 Day (including nappies, wipes etc)

Over 2's £47.50 Full day £29.00 1/2 Day

Breakfast Club £ 8.00 per day

After School £18.50 per session Monday to Thursday

After School £22.50 per session Friday

Holiday Club £35.00 Full Day This is a fully inclusive daily fee.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to Carol or email.

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