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Pyramids - Covid Vaccination Centre

As from tomorrow 15th February 2021 the Covid Vaccination Centre will be opening at the Pyramids Business Park. The Centre will be open from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

There should be no impact to the nursery apart from the potential increase in the volume of traffic and there may be wardens directing traffic on site.

When you drive into the business park you will see signs directing people for pre-arranged vaccination appointments to the designated car park. These are located in car park 1, the old HMRC car parks. Anyone attending a vaccination appointment will access the centre via the main reception area located at the front of the building & will exit via a designed exit point, also located at the front of the building.

The nursery parking and normal access to the nursery will not be impacted.

If anyone has any problems or concerns please let me know.

Many thanks

Carol x

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