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Staff Update - August 2022

First of all I would like to announce that Jen Wilson has been promoted to Deputy Manager from 1st August 2022. Jen has worked extremely hard since she started and has proactively taken on many management duties that have helped me immensly. Please feel free to congratulate Jen when you see her.

Some of you may have noticed that Julie hasn't been about for a while - she is currently off long term sick but is hoping to start doing a couple of hours on the days she is able to get in from next week. We have all missed her & I'm sure you will all join us wishing that she continues to make a speedy recovery.

As a result Joanne and Shannon, (one of our Apprentices) will be joining Fiona in the 2-3 Room, this will start at the latest week commencing 15th August. It will be so exciting to see this room fully functional again.

Jenny in our Teeny Paws goes on holiday today for a few weeks and during her absence Fiona will be over seeing both her own room, Little Paws (2-3yrs) and our Teeny Paws (0-2yrs). This is in preparation for when Jenny starts her maternity leave in September.

As Joanne is moving into Little Paws with Fiona she will no longer be in The Cave, I am sure they will all miss her, but they will still be able to see her.

Courtney who currently works with Jen in Big Paws will help out in The Cave on a Tuesday & Wednesday each week. Courtney has worked with After School in her previous job & I believe has already made lots of suggestions.

Graham our Chef is very keen to increase his hours with Early Steps and I have agreed that he can work a split shift between the kitchen in the morning and working with George in the Cave as a Playworker in the afternoon. This will be from Tuesday 16th August when the new school year starts. He is very excited about undertaking this role and has also agreed to go to college to gain his Playworker qualification. The kids, both Nursery & After School already have a great bond with him. Graham is an outdoors person, so hopefully that means that their will be more Risky Play and Outdoor Adventure in the Woods, climbing trees, swinging in hammocks, building dens, and keeping cosy over a camp fire.

Wishing them all lots of sucess in their new/additional roles.

In the meantime, if anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let me know.

Many thanks Carol

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